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Centra Health's outpatient nutrition counseling program meets each patient's specific needs. We examine a range of factors when evaluating a client's dietary needs, including:

  • medical history
  • family involvement
  • lifestyle
  • financial status regarding food selection
  • age and comprehension level

We get a detailed diet history in the first session. Then a registered dietician develops a specialized program for each client. We make sure that the diet can be incorporated into the client's lifestyle. We recognize that exercise is important and we encourage exercise when it's medically feasible.

Our follow-up sessions include special help targeted to each client's specific needs, from tips and information on label reading and eating out to traveling and special medical conditions. These follow-up sessions can continue indefinitely depending on the client's medical nutrition goals.

Referral System
Clients must be referred to the program by their physician. Please call the nutrition education office at (434) 947-4585 with pertinent medical information, your name, address and telephone number(s). A written physician order, which can be as simple as a note on a prescription pad, is needed to file with your insurance company. The order can be mailed to:

Virginia Baptist Hospital Nutrition Services
3300 Rivermont Ave.
Lynchburg, VA 24509

You may also fax the order to (434) 947-5187, or bring it with you.

Common Dietary Referrals:

  • diabetes/hypoglycemia
  • cardiac (cholesterol, sodium)
  • weight control
  • pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
  • pediatric
  • renal
  • eating disorders/behavioral problems
  • other medical nutritional therapy interventions

Healthy Recipes
All of us have very busy lifestyles and often eat on the run and in our hurry we eat less healthy. We have included some healthy recipes for you to try at home. The recipes are healthy, easy to make and also are delicious.

For more information
For additional information, please call Centra Health's Nutrition Education Office at Virginia Baptist Hospital at (434) 947-4585 or visit our on-line health information center.