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Health E-community
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One component of Health E-community, a new service of Centra, is the ability to manage your health care, and that of your family and loved ones, and correspond with health care providers in a secure, private online environment. Powered by RelayHealth®, Health E-community offers a range of convenient, secure online services accessible from home, work or anywhere that you have Internet access, allowing you to take care of non-urgent health carematters quickly and easily.


Create and Maintain Your Personal Health Record (PHR)
Health E-community is a free service for those looking to better, and more conveniently, manage their health care. Once registered as a new user, you can immediately begin to fill out your Personal Health Record (PHR), an invaluable resource in the proactive management of your health.

Connect with Your Health Care Providers
Next, you will want to use the physician search feature to find health care providers that are participating in Health E-community and link them to your profile.

Health E-community benefits are numerous and participating health care providers may offer all or any combination of services.

  • Request/Cancel Appointments
  • Request a Lab/Test Result
  • Request Medication Refills
  • Request a Referral
  • Contact Your Doctor's Office

Send a message to your physician’s office in just a few minutes from your computer. You save time – maybe even an office visit.

Take a Tour
Experience Health E-community, a service of Centra, powered by RelayHealth®. View this quick demonstration.

Register and Get Started
Registering is quick and easy. Click here to register.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
For more information, review the FAQ.

About RelayHealth®
RelayHealth® is the aleading provider of secure online communications for health care. Visit RelayHealth® for more information. This service is not to be used in the case of emergencies, or for your urgent care needs.