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Rehabilitation Services
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re.ha.bil.i.tate – to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work/play, or the like; maximize functionality, promote well being; helping people with disabilities lead the most independent and fulfilling lives possible; to restore to good condition and operation; to restore to former capacity

Aspire to Independence

…With Centra - The Leader in Comprehensive Rehabilitation.

We offer inpatient and outpatient programs in the greater Lynchburg area serving patients affected by disabling illnesses and injuries including stroke, heart disease, head injuries, amputation and arthritis.Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers provides medical and rehabilitative services for treating, educating and supporting the patient and their family.

Physical Rehabilitation
Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Our therapists work closely with a patient’s physicians and nurses to coordinate personalized treatment programs working with the patient on every aspect of mobility, from climbing stairs to exercising and walking with crutches or a walker.

Occupational Rehabilitation
Occupational therapists help the patient develop, recover and/or maintain daily living and work skills including basic everyday tasks from bathing/dressing to routine homemaking.They work with individuals who suffer from mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling conditions with the goal of helping clients have independent, productive and satisfying lives.

Speech Rehabilitation
Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat disorders related to speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, fluency and swallowing (specializing in diagnosing using modified barium swallow studies).Evaluation and treatment services are available for conditions arising from stroke, traumatic brain injury, deterioration, developmental delays, cancer (brain, oral and laryngeal), chronic respiratory conditions (relating to decreased coordination of breathing with swallowing such as COPD) and neuromuscular disorders (multiple sclerosis, ALS and Parkinson’s disease).

Our Services
Inpatient Acute Rehab Unit located at Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg, VA
Health and Rehabilitation Centers (Skilled Care)
Guggenheimer, Lynchburg VA; Fairmont Crossing, Amherst, VA; The Summit, Forest, VA
The Center for Restorative Care and Rehabilitation (CRCR) at Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg, VA

Home Health Care (434) 200-4111

Outpatient Therapy (Physical, Occupational, Speech and Aquatic) Locations:

Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg, VA
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
(434) 200-4668           

Tate Springs Medical Center, Lynchburg, VA
Physical Therapy
(434) 200-5407

Jamerson YMCA, Forest, VA
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Aquatic Therapy
(434) 237-8160

Gretna Medical Center, Gretna, VA
Physical Therapy
(434) 656-6745

Hospital Based Programs

Inpatient Acute Rehab Unit at Virginia Baptist Hospital
The Acute Rehab unit offers a comprehensive, intensive hospital based program for medically stable patients who are able to participate in rehab at a minimum of 3 hours daily.An interdisciplinary approach of two or more services is required, including rehab nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy.The goal is to return the patient to an independent level of functioning.

Center for Restorative Care and Rehab
(Long Term Acute Care at Virginia Baptist Hospital)
The Center for Restorative Care and Rehabilitation (CRCR) specializes in the care of patients with complex extended medical needs.Patients are referred to CRCR for continuation of acute medical care because the severity and complexity of their medical condition prevents them from being discharged home or transferred to a rehab unit or skilled nursing facility.An individualized care plan is designed for each patient by a physician-led interdisciplinary team.The treatment objective is stabilization, treatment, rehab and recovery to optimum functional ability.

Health and Rehabilitation Centers (skilled care)
Centra Health and Rehabilitation Centers provide traditional care for patients who need skilled medical management with the benefit of 1-2 hours of physical, occupational, or speech therapy per day.Our physician-directed rehabilitation programs are designed to empower patients to maximize their abilities and regain independence. Centra has 3 skilled care centers:Guggenheimer, Lynchburg, VA; Fairmont Crossing, Amherst, VA; and The Summit, Lynchburg, VA.

Additional Programs

Home Health Care (for patients having difficulty leaving home for therapy/medical appointments). Our award winning Home Health Care provides physical, occupational and speech therapy 2-5 times per week for rehabilitation, strengthening and endurance.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

The Healthy Living Center at the Jamerson YMCA provides a maintenance exercise program for cardiac patients.Maintenance exercise programs for cardiac patients are also available at the Altavista YMCA, Bedford YMCA and Moneta YMCA.

Pulmonary Health and Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Health and Rehabilitation provides guidance to patients with pulmonary problems.

Pacemaker Clinic

The pacemaker clinic checks pacemaker operation over the telephone.Contact the Stroobants Heart Center located at Lynchburg General Hospital for more information (434) 200-7062.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Lymphedema Program
Aquatic Therapy
Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction Therapy