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Payment Options
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We offer three convenient forms of payment:

Cash, check, or major credit card. Post dated checks are not accepted. Returned checks will be charged a $20 administrative fee.
Interest free monthly payments up to 12 months from the date of service.
Extended monthly payments through an independent financing company. Regardless of credit history, flexible monthly payment plans are available after completing a short application. A competitive interest rate will be charged to offset administrative costs.
We also offer the following options for making payments. Mail check or credit card payments to:
Centra Health
PO Box 2496
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Call Customer Service at (434) 947-3777 with a major credit card payment.
Make payment (cash, check, or credit card) at our patient accounting office located at 1204 Fenwick Drive, Lynchburg, VA.
Make payment (cash, check, or credit card) at the Lynchburg General Hospital cashier's office.

Financial Assistance
We want to reduce your financial worry as much as possible. A customer service representative at Centra health can help you understand the billing and insurance process. They can also help you apply for financial assistance.

Assistance programs are available to help you pay your medical bill. If you meet federal and state guidelines, you may be eligible for programs such as Medicaid, Social Security Administration (SSA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Centra Health's charity program. Our customer service representatives can determine ifyou qualify for these programs. To apply for these programs, you need to:

Complete an application (Attached below)
Show proof of residence (example, utility bill)
Show proof of income (recent tax return)

Financial Assistance.pdf